Listen to what other people say about Isogenics

I really enjoyed how it is a dropper type ingestion. Not really a big fan of the flavor but I definitely love this product. It works fast to curb my appetite and give me energy for hours. I could feel toxins being excreted from my body through my pores. I would sweat more, meaning I knew that fat was leaving my body. I lost 18 pounds so far and still counting! Thank you, Isogenics.

I am pleasantly surprised by not having cravings for snacks/sweets particularly because I enjoy them both. This tonic does well for me and I have yet to experience any side effects. In fact, everything's great to me. I like that I am eating much, much less now. No more impulse eating for me.

I lost 16lbs and 8inches off my abdominal . I did notice it control my impulse to over eat like I used to. The results I had I didn't change anything in my diet nor added any exercise so it's definitely a great product. I can only imagine the results if I had done exercise and ate a bit healthier. You have a loyal customer now. I plan to add exercise and eat a bit healthier to see what it brings.